Bedonwell Junior

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 In Early Years we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage guidance. ‘Understanding the world’ involves guiding children to make sense of their physical world and their community through opportunities to explore, observe and find out about people, places, technology and the environment. Children at Bedonwell are encouraged to explore daily through play, active learning, creating and taking part in mixed activities both teacher led and child initiated. Children cover topics such as health and social care, people and communities, understanding the world and technology.

KS1 Curriculum 

Science has a high priority in the life of our school. We feel that, through science, we can help the children develop a sense of inquisitiveness and enquiry about the world around them. Science at Bedonwell is a comprehensive curriculum with a clear process of learning and with specific learning goals, for personal learning and for international mindedness. We teach science through topics such as ‘Our World’, ‘The Magic Toymaker’ and ‘Plants and Insects’ in Year 1. Year 2 cover science through ‘I’m Alive’, ‘When the sun goes down’, ‘Landscapes’ among others! We encourage Children at Bedonwell to do as much practically as possible and to discuss their findings so that their discoveries lead to ideas for further investigation. A large number of skills are included: estimation, measurement, observation, recording, checking, describing, comparing, classifying, predicting and interpreting results, drawing and labelling and using simple apparatus.

Science week takes place each year. We adapt ideas and themes from the National Science and Engineering Week website to suit our learning needs. During science week the children take part in a variety of exciting activities including trips out and workshops with super science visitors such as the Mad Scientists, Science Boffins, travelling farms or the Reptile Man. We even have members of staff who are able to bring in and discuss with the children their animals from home and how to care for them. At the end of the week the children are able to share their work with their peers in a celebration assembly in which children from each class ‘show and tell’ their scientific talents! A favourite from this year was an invention from a year 1 pupil ‘Teachers will be in the interactive whiteboard and children can send work to them through the computer to mark and send back!’

KS2 Curriculum

At Bedonwell Junior School we are enthusiastic about our science, ensuring pupils take an active part in their learning. Together, we have developed the following science principles.

Pupils at Bedonwell Junior School will:

  • receive fun and engaging science lessons which challenge all pupils.
  • broaden their scientific view of the world around them, by exploring their ideas through questioning, discussion and testing.
  • demonstrate an understanding of ‘working scientifically’ by identifying the different types of scientific enquiry.
  • secure their knowledge of scientific enquiry by recognising patterns and relationships in their results and making simple conclusions.
  • progress to planning their own investigations, analyse data systematically and use evidence to justify their conclusions.
  • use IT to enhance their own learning of science.
  • develop skills to use scientific vocabulary accurately within their explanations and written work.
  • record their work, neatly in science books, including drawings, diagrams, charts and graphs.
  • express opinions and make decisions on social and environmental issues whilst promoting the Bedonwell ‘golden values’.
  • embrace science challenges within the wider community.



KS2 Science topics/curriculum overview

Year 3


Forces & Magnets



Animals including humans




Year 4


States of matter



Animals including humans



Living things & their habitats


Year 5

Properties and changes of material

Earth and Space


Animals including humans

Living things & their habitats


Year 6

Animals including humans



Evolution & Inheritance


Living things and their habitats


The Great Science Share

On the 16th June 2020, our year 6 pupils took part in the 'Great Science Share' day. Please watch the video to see some of the amazing experiments that they conducted: