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Your Child's Wellbeing

Your child's wellbeing and mental health is our utmost priority.  Below you will find some information regarding services in Bexley that are available.

In school, we are able to support your child's wellbeing in the following ways:

  • Talking to their class teacher or other trusted adult
  • Requesting  'Bubble time' to discuss their feelings, concerns and worries 
  • Having 'draw and talk' with a trained teaching assistant
  • Attending nuture group, happy to be me or social skills sessions

Please talk to your child's class teacher, SENCo or the Deputy Head Teacher to establish provision for your child. 

As you will be aware, mental health and the importance of building resilience and good mental health capacity for children and young people, is very much in the news.   London Borough of Bexley provide a variety of sessions on the promotion of good mental and wellbeing of children and young people. These sessions include, mental health and wellbeing awareness, online safety, mindfulness, self- harm/suicide support, coping with exam stress and are available to pupils, parents, governors and teaching staff.

For more information on future sessions, please contact Pascale Berthellet, Public Health Adviser for Children and Young People.

This is an ideal opportunity to remind you about the Oxleas HeadScape app and the CAMHS Community Health and Wellbeing Service in Bexley (CHEWS)

HeadScape offers a "one-stop" source of self-help about a range of mental health issues and conditions for young people to browse at leisure. You can find their website by clicking here

Community Health and Wellbeing Service in Bexley (CHEWS)

The aim of CHEWS is to facilitate early identification and support for children and young people with mental health difficulties by developing the capacity and capability of staff in children’s services to respond to young people’s mental health needs.

CHEWS provides:-

  • Specialist mental health consultation, advice and support to those working with Children and Young People, including school staff, school nurses, health visitors, local authority and the voluntary sector. There is a named contact from Specialist CAMHS for GPs and schools.

  • Relevant training to the network on early identification, good mental health promotion and poor mental health prevention.

  • Short term interventions offered in community settings for those children, young people and their families where there is a mild-moderate emotional health difficulty. This will also include a ‘step up’ and ‘step down’ process to specialist CAMHS.

    For more information on CHEWS, please contact the school SENCo or Deputy Head Teacher

    We hope this is a helpful reminder of resources and opportunities to help our children and young people in Bexley.

There is also some useful information on the Young Minds website: