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Covid-19 information for parents/carers

Further to the Government's National announcement on 22nd February, The Bedonwell Federation have welcomed all children back from Monday 8th March.

As a school we continue to follow Public health advice to minimise coronavirus (COVID-19) risks. Essential measures include:

  • a requirement that people who are ill stay at home
  • robust hand and respiratory hygiene
  • enhanced cleaning arrangements
  • active engagement with NHS Test and Trace
  • formal consideration of how to reduce contacts and maximise distancing between those in school wherever possible and minimise potential for contamination so far as is reasonably practicable

For children attending school they will be placed in a class bubble (apart from Nursery, which will be a year group bubble).    As before Christmas, the children will keep with their bubble and not mix with children from other bubbles.  They are expected to be in school full-time and if not, it will count as an absence which will be authorised however will affect their overall attendance figure.

Our nursery provision will operate for the usual morning and afternoon nursery times of 8:30am-11:30am for Apple and Cherry classes and 12:30pm-3:30pm for Peach class - with the children entering and exiting via the usual procedure.

Your child should wear school uniform and please ensure that your child has layers on as the classrooms will be ventilated.  The children will be encouraged to be outside at regular intervals during the day so please ensure that they bring a warm coat and hat and gloves.

We are currently not operating our usual breakfast and after school clubs and this will be reviewed for the summer term.

The following measures continue to be in place at school (in addition to the essential measures mentioned above prescribed by PHE) as set out by the Government guidance:

  • Each class of children will become a ‘bubble’ (Apart from Nursery, which will be a year group bubble). Children within the bubble do not have to socially distance all the time but are encouraged to do so where they can.
  • Adults will maintain a 2-metre distance from children and other adults as much as possible. If an adult has to be less than 2-metre distance with a child/ren, they will wear PPE.
  • Each bubble will use and make use of outdoor spaces as much as possible. External classroom doors will be used for entry and exits to limit corridor usage.
  • Children will use hand sanitiser/wash their hands upon entry to school, each time they enter their classroom, before they eat and at regular intervals during the day.
  • Communal spaces will not be in use, which means:
    • Assemblies in the hall will not take place
    • Lunches will be eaten in classrooms 
    • PE will be outdoors wherever possible and any equipment used will be cleaned before used by different children.
  • In KS1 and KS2:
    • Children in each bubble will be allocated individual pencil cases with all the equipment they need for most lessons so they do not have to share.
    • Other resources can be shared in the bubble but will be cleaned regularly.
    • Children will sit facing the front of the class/their class teacher
  • Children will only be allowed to bring essential items into school - coat, lunchbox, water bottle, medication etc.
  • Visitors to the school will be essential visits only and must be pre-booked in advance.
  • Parents/Carers will be reminded not to gather at the school gates and ensure they depart from the site as quickly as possible at pick up/drop off times.
  • Each year group will have a specified strict arrival/pick up time and place:


In line with Government advice, we would encourage our parents and children to walk or cycle to school, where possible, and avoid public transport.

Here are a few photos to show the types of markings/signage we have on site and what staff will look like when they are wearing PPE:

Covid Sign                                          Corridor Markings   

         Corridor direction of travel markings                                   Playground Markings

Bubble Classroom Layout                                  Bubble classroom layout

Staff in PPE                       Staff in PPE

Path markings

Covid Documentation

In line with Government guidance and Local Authority expectations we have completed a thorough Covid-19 Risk Assessment in preparation for the children to return to school. The documents below have been ratified by the Governing Body and Trustees:

The_Bedonwell_Federation-_Updated_Risk_Assessment for full reopening on_19.04.2021

Remote Learning Policy 2021

Covid Recovery/Catch-up funding expenditure plan