Bedonwell Junior

" Through excellence, together we shall succeed "


Mathematics is a lifelong skill.  Itis a creative subject involving imagination, intuition and discovery.  It is a way of solving problems and is a means of communicating information and ideas. At the Bedonwell Federation we present mathematics in a variety of different contexts in order to challenge and stimulate children’s thinking, reasoning & logic skills. 

The Mathematics curriculum at Bedonwell is taught using the Early Years Foundation Stage Guidance in Nursery and Reception and the Mathematics Curriculum (2014) in key stages  1 and 2.  We believe in providing children with lots of practical and meaningful experiences in Mathematics in order to foster their love of the subject.

Teachers prepare mathematics lessons using a range of resources, including Numicon. Pupils complete weekly homework activities using Education City and Mathletics. Problem-solving strategies are taught and practised during lessons.

Our Mathematical Aims….

  • Encourage pupils to develop a positive attitude, self-esteem and enthusiasm for mathematics.
  • Provide opportunities to develop mathematical skills and strategies and apply them in cross-curricular ways to everyday, real life situations in preparation for adult life.
  • Provide continuity and progression in our approaches to mathematics as pupils move through the school 


Please click the links below for ideas to help your child with their maths fluency: